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Can I negotiate the purchase price after a survey?

Yes, it is common and often expected to negotiate the purchase price of a house after a home survey reveals significant defects or issues. Here's how the process typically works:

  1. Survey Report Review: After our home survey is conducted, we provide our report detailing any defects or issues found during the inspection. 

  2. Assessment of Defects: You then review our report to assess the severity and potential cost of addressing the identified defects. Some defects may be minor and easily fixable, while others may require significant repairs or renovations.

  3. Negotiation: Armed with the survey report, you can enter negotiations with the seller to request a reduction in the purchase price or ask for repairs to be completed before the sale closes. We can help source estimates from contractors or other professionals to support the negotiations.

  4. Seller Response: The seller has the option to accept your proposed adjustments to the purchase price or repairs, reject them outright, or counter with a different offer. Negotiations may go back and forth until both parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

  5. Amendment to Purchase Agreement: Once both parties agree on any adjustments to the purchase price or repairs, these terms are typically documented in an amendment to the purchase agreement. This document outlines the changes to the original terms of the sale and is signed by both the buyer and seller.

  6. Closing: After the negotiation process is complete and all terms are agreed upon, the sale proceeds to closing, where the final documents are signed, and ownership of the property is transferred from the seller.


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