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Sound survey, sound home

Looking for peace of mind about the condition of your new home?

Phonica Chartered Surveyors

Interested in finding out if you can get your home

for less than expected?

Phonica are a family owned, fully regulated surveying practise operating in the North West & Derbyshire.


We pride ourselves with putting our Clients' experience first; we do this through effective and consistent communication, ensuring you have peace of mind about your investment. Click here to read our testimonials.

Our surveys are Director led, use the latest tech and will be delivered specifically to your timescales.

Interested in how much repairs cost? Our cost planning service helps you to gain a real understanding about your investment - this is invaluable in establishing your commercial position.

Our Services

RICS Home Surveys

We specialise in RICS Home Surveys - it's what we do.

Building surveys assess the condition of your home & help identify any structural issues, defects, or potential problems with the building, providing valuable information for informed decision making, negotiation and planned maintenance, repairs or improvements.

They are categorized into RICS Level 2 (Homebuyer) and RICS Level 3 (Building)  surveys - please scroll down for a handy schedule showing the differences.......

Cost Planning

We develop detailed cost plans and compare like for like prices to ensure you are clear about the cost of repairs or renovations.

Homebuyer Survey RICS

RICS Level 2

The HomeBuyer Survey (Level 2) is a visual inspection of the property to evaluate the overall condition of the building and highlight any obvious defects.

We also include essential environmental searches, energy efficiency advice and commercial support with further negotiations.

Homebuyer Survey

Visual building condition assessment with defect priority ranking.

Commercial support with negotiations

Thermal imaging assessment

Local crime & security assessment

Environmental assessment

Video call to walk through report

Drone survey of your property


RICS Level 3

​A Building Condition Survey (Level 3) survey is more thorough and detailed than Level 2. It's a deeper dive into property, any  defects and explains remedial options along with costs.

It's very much the 'Haynes Manual' for your home - we want you to understand how your home works.

Condition Survey

All Level 2 Services Plus.....

Detailed advice on cause & repair of defects

Detailed cost planning


Phill, Stockport
June 2024

We found Phonica extremely professional and would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get a deeper understanding of their potential new home, and reduce the risk of costly issues in the future.
It was very clear that the surveyor had an intricate knowledge of buildings, and flagged a number of issues we would never have picked up on our own. The survey was extremely thorough, with potential risks clearly signposted and practical advice on how to improve the property set out in an easy to read report. We were expecting this latter part, and we’ll certainly be acting upon this advice to improve our new home.
Where we required further clarification, the Phonica surveyor was more than happy to discuss points raised after he issued the report at no extra cost.
Highly recommend!

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Discover how you can maximize your home's potential with our expert advice. Click here to get a personalized quote and start transforming your home today!

Building RICS Level 3
Home Buyer RICS Level 2
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